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Trying to fix one problem introduced new problem


Trying to fix one problem introduced new problem

Spotify version:


Android version: 11


So I have steam coming out of the top of my head right now. The honeymoon with Spotify lasted a long time....about 5 months with no issues until now.  

For about 2 days now when I try to load my liked songs (listening to this accounts for about 87% of all activity on Spotify).  It never loads. Usually it will take about 3 minutes max. Now it won't load then I get a prompt saying encountered problem try again? I try again and same problem


  Until just an hour ago if you asked me if I like Spotify you better grab a chair because I could go on and on about the app. I love the selection of music.....I love the artist tie ins....everything.


  • So I checked previous posts and one that fixed the problem with another user was to uninstall and reinstall Spotify. Which I did. Now when I try to log on using my Google credentials it will state problem occurred. And now it states You Have One Step Logon enabled your logged in as "Google username" and the only button for me to click log in is to login with SAMS. When I do this I get Oops problem occurred over and over. I will   I have 2 problems. I'm ready to delete my account and uninstall app for good!! I guess I need to login first to fix the original 

Thanks in advance.


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