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Visual Accessibility


Visual Accessibility

Can someone tell me why this software has such atrocious visual accessibility? Does Spotify just absolutely not care that some people maybe don’t have perfect eyes and would still like to know the names of the songs they’re listening to?


- There is absolutely no light mode. I have weird eyes with refraction issues and I cannot read stuff in dark mode. What song am I listening to? Absolutely no clue, since I cannot read it.


- On the phone, at least I can increase system font size so that I can guess what letters there are. I have linux on my computer and there is also no light mode, and there is not a single way to increase the font size, and it is MICROSCOPIC.


- I was considering writing a message to their customer service. They have a handy link on their website! Only it doesn’t actually load and you cannot send a message. So this place is where I ended up.


I’ve had Spotify premium since 2016. But my eyes keep getting worse, and I cannot SEE what I am LISTENING TO anymore. This is the thing that is going to make me pack up and move elsewhere.

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