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What Happened?

Spotify used to be amazing. I was subbed to the service since 2014 across 2 accounts (I originally had an account signed in with Facebook and had to delete it and signed up with my regular email.)

I remember when Spotify had modular addon features, while it was extremely disappointing, I had no other alternative so I stuck with it.  What I really liked about it was that it would constantly allow me to discover new music but as the years went by, I'm not sure what happened but in my experience it got worse. The music that keeps getting recommended to me is the same music over and over again. When I tell Spotify to stop recommending a song, it doesn't matter because the same song shows up whether it's the same radio playlist or not. 


I am probably going to end my subscription to premium until they fix it but it's been literal years so I don't expect it to be fixed any time soon. I want to open this up for discussion and see what everyone thinks about these changes over the years and what they're experiences are

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I have been a Spotify user since Spotify launched and nowadays it's recommending songs that I have been on my playlists (which have been deleted a very long time ago) but that's not the problem there are playlists that are updating regularly so new hits i can pick-up from other playlists.

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