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Why SDKs do not work anymore! We need 'em!


Why SDKs do not work anymore! We need 'em!


With the new Spotify conditions restricting 3rd party apps (Amazing Slow Downer)

I am considering changing from Spotify to another streaming platform.

Please make SDK work again.

5 Replies

I agree. Please make the new SDK work with Amazing Slow Downer. I will be trialling Apple Music soon which does work so please fix this soon

I completely agree. I pay Spotify in order to be able to listen to other musicians play. I buy the music notes, so the composer get paid for that work. But why shouldn't I be able to slow down the piece in order to be able to hear how it actually is being played? Is it really Spotifys intention that the world has enough musicians so it should be made as difficult as possible to practice in order to became a better musician. Shame on you, Spotify. The SDK's must be reopened. Both Spotify and the composers/performers get paid even when songs from the Spotify-list are beeing played by a SDK!

I agree 100% with this reply !!!! I bou

I agree 100%

I agree… Slowdown Music is more important than the choice of provider. Musicians are the people who give content to Spotify, right? No musician - no Music! I need the change the provider because of this issue… very sad

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