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Why is Spotify on PC so buggy?


Why is Spotify on PC so buggy?

1. Spotify goes blank randomly and I can't browse anything other than play what's already playing. I've seen the same bug since 2015 and still there's no fix. 


2. The other bug is where player doesn't properly load the album art or the info about the music like title and artist. 


3. Spotify goes blank again but I have to use task manager to stop all 5-6 background spotify process. And restart. This one connects to the first bug. But sometime it just never comes back. 


I'm running Ryzen 5 3400G, 16 GB Windows 10. My PC is fast.

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I've got the exact same thing with issue 3, extremely annoying. Everytime I wanna use spotify on my computer I always have to go to task manager and shut it down before I open it.

-I have had issues too where it says that music that I have downloaded isn't available (premium).  Or when it says there is not internet connection when I very well do have connection.

-Also recently, the minimize/maximize and close buttons don't work for a period of about seconds until it realizes that it should be working and then finally does.  

-I have seen other people have the same issues too and it really seems like Spotify has cold feet on trying to fix this.

-SPOTIFY: Stop acting like this is all something we are doing wrong and actually investigate your product and fix it.  The times this app works, its great.  But when it doesn't (somewhat often) and people speak up, try to listen.

I got all these problems as well, for years now, especially number 3. I guess the answer is just "bad coding".

I've been having issues with the Spotify App on Windows for almost 2 years, since the new app came out. It hangs and crashes on a semi-regular basis. each update improves but overall still needs work.

I have number 3 and it’s so annoying. I made a powershell script to kill all processes and restart, but that should not be needed with a serious application

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the PC app numerous times which seems to be spotify's only advice. The app rarely opens at all and if and when it does it is extremely buggy and quite a mess to deal with. It did not used to be this way and I'm wondering WITAF is going on? No support staff whatsoever? After you've exhausted everything you possibly know to do no human being to talk to? Is that what this has come to. Because I'll dump this piece in a heartbeat. I would attach a file but there's really nothing to attach all there is on my screen is a black box.

I used on 7 or 8 PC since 10 years, I always had some problems but they even managed to make it worse now ! It's such a shame ! It's almost unbelievable that a 18 billion dollar company is incapable of patching correctly its only software which is a stupid audio streaming software. They are so incompetent ! How many hours in 10 years I lost killing their crappy process and even restarting ! I'm done, I'm switching to apple music. Fµk you Spotify ! Fµk you hard !

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