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Your Equalizer Options?


Your Equalizer Options?

Does anyone on here use the equalizer at all?  If so, do you use any of the preset equalizer modes?  Or do you make a custom one?  Do you apply the settings to podcasts as well?  What do you think would be the best equalizer setting here on Spotify?

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I always have mine set to the "acoustic" option, i find that it makes the music i listen to better 

what kind of music do you listen i use mine equalizer alot

Music I tend to listen to: Classical/Orchestral/Instrumental, Soundtracks, Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz

(okay little disclaimer in the begin : there is no such thing as a "setting" that works for every situation, There are too many Variables.

But i listen a few jazz  songs and i think the standaard jazz option is the best.

But Increase the 60 hz but not to the max but higher than the 15k hz.

Increase the 15k hz with a bit.


For the other genres just try what sounds the nicest for you.




sorry wrong person oeps i hope you dont mind

This may sound weird, but it seems as if the best equalizer option to use when listening to music at noisy places is the spoken word one. Vehemently hate that type of music, but the option works great if you’re on a bus or at a busy street.

The last time I used equalizer was when my new earphones didn't sound nearly as bassy as the old ones did. :')


I don't use equalizers myself anymore. I have reasonably good headphones that don't need any additional enhancement. I do see headphone enthusiasts finetuning equalizers for different brands (even for high-end brands like Audeze and stuff) and I suppose it makes the sound perhaps more pleasant.
But I am lazy and my system has no EQ installed. : )

I like the Acoustic preset.


For me, this is a nice clean preset and it gives the audio a nice boost. I find the other presets colour the sound too much.

I think theres no "best" EQ! I feel it really depends on the music you're listening to + what headphones you are using :¬) 

Good lookin’ out. Thanks!

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