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pornographic content not blocked nor marked in spotify


pornographic content not blocked nor marked in spotify

Spotify is listing podcasts such as Spank+f**k My Girlfriend, with hardcode pornographic illustrations and a sexual soundtrack. There are many similar ones. 

Found it by accident when typing "u" in the search box. 

The same thing shows in all our family accounts, kids included - and is extremely disturbing.  All the apps have "allow explicit content" turned off (this content is not marked by E).  

Also couldn't block or report it - does this option exist? 

These steps don't work:


How do I make sure Spotify is safe for the kids?


Note: explicit content in attachment. 



Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 21.00.36.png
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I've just spent 2 hours with support to complain about exactly the same thing. In the end I just got a 'sorry' - I'm not sure they even understood the issue.
Why should I be paying for a family account when it's not safe for my family to use?

Seems to be going around all over my Facebook now that this is happening. Simple searches like "music videos" bring up several pornographic results. It seems nothing is safe for our children anymore. I submitted a complaint and Spotify has said they were aware and are working on fixing the issue. Hopefully such is true 

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