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Hello everyone, I know Car Thing is no longer being made and I imagine updates have stopped too. So this request is probably a long shot.


I still use my Car Thing on my desktop computer (and love it) but there are 2 messages when using it that drive me crazy.


The first is when turning it on, the messaging about using the correct adaptor has plagued my Car Thing ever since I bought it years ago. Please please please just push an update that gets rid of this screen, or put a setting in that lets me skip it automatically. 


The second is the "Lets Drive" screens that prompt you to press a preset button or to use 'hey spotify' to select a song. I've had the Car thing for years now, I don't need to keep seeing this. Why can't I just hit the 'back' button or any button to get rid of this. When it does pop up I can only remove it by reseting the device, since I don't use either the presets or have the mic enabled.


Anyways those are my thoughts. Always thought Car Thing was a neat little device and would love to see it come back as an item specific for desktop computers. 




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Have you turned off the "Onscreen tips" in the Options? I don't think I've seen "Let's Drive" after turning that off.

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