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How do I disable "autoplay" when Car Thing connects?

How do I disable "autoplay" when Car Thing connects?

When I turn my car on, I love that my Car Thing automatically connects, but I HATE that it immediately auto-plays whatever I was listening to last. Even if I completely close the Spotify app, Car Thing will auto-launch Spotify and then begin to auto-play music. How do I disable this? I try to google it, but the responses back are not for the issue I'm having. At a minimum, all I'm asking is that Car Thing would default to pause rather than play when it connects.
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Hi there @im_england,


Thanks for the post.


This auto connection is something that currently can't be turned off from the Spotify app or the Car Thing, as the autostart of the Spotify app on your phone is controlled by the device OS itself. I recommend you check out this thread where other users are discussing the same issue and some of them have shared their workaround to disabling autostart on different devices.


For now there're no plans to change this functionality, but we've sent your feedback about this to the Car Thing team for future consideration.


Hope this information helps.

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None of those solutions worked and just skimming through the comments, it's easy to see that this is clearly an issue your customers want to be fixed. 

Yes!  This is a very annoying issue!  Please fix this ASAP!!

Who would actually want this function? Car thing is useful, but the annoyance of the auto play outweighs any usefulness. It would also be nice if the screen would turn off when not in use, or at least darken.

Spotify has a lot of really stupid features that absolutely reliably disgust everyday use.... Username ... queue control ... removing songs from recent ...
But this really annoys me In the car, I play internet radio via BT from my mobile phone. Sometimes the signal drops and Spotify immediately connects and starts playing the last song in the past, even though the app is not active. I went through the settings, BT but nowhere can I turn it off. Can this annoying behavior be undone? I just don't want Spotify to launch itself. Never. Never. Never. Never. Thanks

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