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Non-dismissable popup telling me to TRY "hey spotify"

Non-dismissable popup telling me to TRY "hey spotify"







OnePlus Nord N10

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Had this full-screen pop-up open on my Spotify Carthing today, with a sentence of text telling me to try a "hey spotify"command (which I've already used before!). I could not dismiss the pop-up after both using a random "hey spotify" command and restarting the device (by pulling the power... While driving). How do you make it go away? I disabled the microphone which made it stop, but it just comes back when I enable the mic again.


This is distracting to the point of being dangerous, it came up just as I was trying to change playlists, WHILE DRIVING, forcing me to pull over on the side of a highway to deal with it. The very idea of having a new text-based modal appear while a user is driving is shockingly bad decision making. On top of that you're essentially forcing users to text and drive with something that is going to frustrate them as it is impossible to simply dismiss.


This really needs to never happen again.

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You can turn this off in the settings

Hi there @Andreuha,

Thanks for the post.


Try switching this off from the Spotify app settings on your phone. Go to Settings > Voice > Disable the settings there.


Let us know if that helped.



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Disabling voice altogether is not a "solution". Your workaround is to remove half of the CarThing's reason to exist (the other half being a dedicated display that is always focused on media playback).


If your stove failed to light, how would you respond to the manufacturer telling you to try food which did not require heating? All I have learned from many posts in Spotify Community is that Spotify does not care at all about absurd UX problems (minor fixes with large quality of life impact. Like the lack of a podcast feed. This is a paid service, but I'm using Google Podcasts because I do not binge podcasts like Netflix seasons. 😕 ).

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