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I’ve been listening to Podcasts for a year or two now and one of the biggest components of a great podcast is the comment section.


This is vital for a podcasts success because the comment section is where a podcasts community can connect with each other, which gives the podcast a little bit of flavor


If Spotify can add a comment section to its podcasts page, then it will most definitely kill YouTube podcasting and give you guys most of the market share 😉


and i know you guys love market share

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Hi... half the fun with Joe Rogan Experience is reading the comments and sharing with each other.  There is also the timeline guy that gives detail of conversation to each of Joe's experiences.  Maybe you'd have to monitor it, and that's why you don't want to do it.   aaaah  oh well  lemme know if you change your minds but my experience with Joe has been diminished.  You have a new subscriber though  : D 

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Yer there is a few things Spotify need to do to make bank on their the investment or people will pirate it.


So many JRE fans will be loosing the ability to enjoy the JRE the way they are used to when it's exclusive to Spotify. Currently you can not:
1. get Video on a smart tv app, 
2. cast video from mobile to smart tv app, 3. stream Audio only (disable video) from mobile app (to use less data/reduce battery drain) for those who only listen to the JRE.
4. Make/ read comments...


It's very different. Joe doesn't read comments, some do, but the community stills feel presence since you know your curiosity is not alone, topics bind it together, different but with or without comments doesn't matter its leave suckify or rebrand. I don't see them on the TV but if SpitInYourFace Experience is to much for the weak snowflakes to do a job so bad they fail the Turing test 99% of the times I think comments might help melt meaningless Marxists frozen tears.

The handler is no longer the world's most disliked NPC. Gratz Spotinface for the failure. 


Repeat, it's not JRE anymore. It's Spotify **bleep**. 

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Comments are 50% of the reason I go back to YouTube. I get a notification that someone tagged me in response and I'll go back to the video and go back to YouTube just to respond (and then look at other content). 

You might as well waste your money on Rogan if you don't make it like YouTube. 

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Also, why wouldn't you have all podcasts on your medium? I just searched for my local city radio podcasts...? Nothing. The Church of Lazlo, 810am sports, etc. I like having 1 app for podcasts. And YouTube Music does NOT have podcasts at all. It would be your 1+up. I hate YouTube but I have no other choice for commenting. I use YouTube for video/comments and Podcast Addict app for listen-only podcasts. Having both on 1 app will kill YouTube. 

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Last suggestion. Don't overly police comments. Make users sign a waiver and if a comment gets reported for CRIMINAL abuse review it and take down (if actually incites violence or is criminal, but if reported for hatefulness/distaste: 30-40% of viewers, take it down. Otherwise, leave that ShT up. Don't be ruled by the minority. 


Even though I am subscribed to Spotify, I still only listen to the JRE podcast on Youtube. This is 100% due to their having a comments section. I envision that when JRE is exclusive to Spotify, a lot of his audience will go to Spotify in order to continue to listen.


Why not just add a comment section now? Stay ahead of things and avoid additional complaints.

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Love how they call a "comment section" a "new idea". Really? How hard can it be to create a comment section? Do you really want to waste you investment on why people are drawn to youtube and JRE Podcast? I haven't watched or listened since he moved because when I did it was a shitty video quality and then even if I don't really watch the podcast as much as listen I can't read/comment on the opinions of others who do listen. It's not a community anymore with Spotify. Sucks.