Sort options for playlist on web app

You should be able to sort playlists by the columns or by clicking and dragging a song like in the application.  If you can't, it would be great if you could.  Spotify Web should have the same functionality as the app, for the people who cannot use the app due to firewalls and such...

Updated: 2015-11-17

Update: This idea has been submitted again here:


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I've marked it as "new idea" but please bear in mind that the web player is far from ready and still in beta state. So additional features will still be added before release! 😉

Definitely a new idea .... like being able to sort your songs is a novel idea 🙂 -- facetiousness aside, please kudos this post and others so people know it's much needed feature for folks using Chromebooks! I realize this is Beta - but this should have been sorted out in Alpha IMHO 🙂


I just got a Chromebook and honestly I hate using Spotify on it for this sole reason. This is a necessary addition, or make a downloadable version supported on Chromium OS.



Been almost a year and this still isn't working on the web player. This should realy be fixed by now.

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You still can't rearrange song order in playlsits? How pathetic!


I think it's really important to be able to sort songs in a playlist.


This issue and the issue of scrobbling to from the web player are the very two reason that keep me from remove my desktop app!


Sorting across the board is severely lacking and inconsistent across platforms. Is it that hard for ex, to make the playlists in the Desktop app appear in the same order on the Web Player?  or provide the same sorting options for desktop, mobile, & web?


This should be one of the top 3 priorities for all players. Spotify is an app primarily intended to discover, play, & organize music, yet some of the players don't provide any sorting by column even though there are probably more threads, comments, and kudos on the need for improved sorting than any other topic. And it's one of the easiest things to implement.


I do all my organization on my Desktop app b/c it's much faster and offers folders & other sorting/organization options, drag & drop, among some other more advanced user-friendly features. But when i go to the Web Player, nearly all my playlists display tracks in a different order than on the Desktop Player where i have them manually sorted the way i want them to appear. Is there really no way to control the order of tracks in each playlist on the Web Player?


sooo. this was a year ago. why is sorting in the web player still not possible?



EDIT: two years ago* even worse

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This a thing that should be in the webplayer.

Is it out of Beta yet? Anyone know?

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This is especially annoying since I can't get the Spotify app to work on my work computer and thus can only use the webplayer right now. Maybe they'll hire some of the devs from Grooveshark T_T