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Meet the Stars

Backstage Intro: Meet Leticia


Spotify Star Special: Backstage Intro!


image (1).pngThis month, we're happy to introduce you to Leticia aka @ribezaz (whom you might have seen around the Community helping out users). 


Hey Leticia! Tell us more about yourself 😄


My name is Letícia, I'm 19, I'm from Brazil and I study Information Technology with an emphasis on Computer Science. I love cycling, exercising, programming and gaming! I tend to do all of this while listening to music 😊


How did you choose your Community username?


⁠In fact, the user “ribezaz” does not have a meaning in itself. It's based on my name, and one day I simply added “zaz” at the end because I thought it was funny, and it ended up sticking. I loved it, I use it on everything.


Awesome! What is your most listened to music genre? Are there any bands/songs you’d like to recommend to us?


⁠MPB (Brazilian Popular Music), and I highly recommend the song "Wave", by Tom Jobim.


What’s your favorite song of all time?


⁠"Early Morning", by the band a-ha.


Are you into podcasts? Is there some show(s) you’d like to recommend to us?


⁠I like podcasts about criminal cases, and there is a specific one by Jaqueline Guerreiro, which I really like, called “Quinta Misteriosa”.


What object would you take with you to a desert island?


⁠My MP4 😂 I can't do anything without listening to music, so I'd probably be trying to save myself on a desert island listening to my favorite playlist 😁


Very good choice in my opinion. Ok, If you could have a superpower, which one would you choose?


⁠Flying, for sure! ⁠I would love to fly to see different places! And, of course, getting to places faster, taking the bus in Brazil is very difficult, and takes a lot of time (sometimes hours) 😅


Do you have any pets or hobbies?

I have a cat, named Misty, after the Pokémon character. And my favorite hobby is cycling! ⁠I love adventures, so cycling allowed me to venture to countless places that I will never forget 🙂 It's liberating to ride a bike.


Leticia's pet, aka as Misty 😍 




Some of Leticia's favorite places


Both flying and cycling sound very liberating. What’s your favorite movie/book?


⁠Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. ⁠I love the aesthetics of the film. I like the book saga, it was because of Harry Potter that I started the habit of reading, and this one in particular was the one I loved the most, the one I identified with the story the most - especially the philosophy behind the character of Professor Lupine and his friends, who transformed just to help their friends. This movie taught me a lot about loyalty and friendship, and I will never forget it.


Thanks for letting us to get to know you. It was a very lovely chat!


Thanks for sticking around! Stay tuned for the next Backstage Intro coming soon.

Our Community Stars can be featured on Backstage Intros. To find out more about the Star Program click here.