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in-our-headphones (1).jpg

In Our Headphones: May 2024


Hey everyone 😎

If you're new here, welcome to 'In Our Headphones', a blog where we take you on a musical journey and inside the listening habits of the team.


This month’s edition comes from tropical Colombia, where we’ve been enjoying some nice sunny weather this month!


The team’s been listening to some great music, and they’re all super happy to share their favorite tracks with us all. 


We’ll start with what moderator Ale’s currently jamming to (on repeat may I add):




“This is from the latest Ariana Grande album. I liked the album as a whole, but this song right here calms me. In my opinion, it has a really relaxing rhythm. It doesn't remind me of something or someone special, this is one of those tracks you got attached to due to its melody.”


Well, I agree with Ale. I haven’t listened to this one before, but got the same vibe from it, instant chill 🏝 


Now, a classic one to transport you to the early 2000s:




“Limp Bizkit came to Colombia recently. I couldn't attend the concert though. Nonetheless, I'm currently into this particular tune since it represents my childhood in so many aspects. This particular track gathers my brother and I together every time and, since the day of the concert, it is part of my On Repeat playlist.”


And the last one from Ale is quite sad, but there's nothing wrong with that! It's ideal for the days you feel a bit melancholic:




“This one is by Matisse and Codiciado. I'm a fan of Matisse's work. I love their romantic-ballad vibes. This one is a collab, and even if I didn't know the second artist, I really enjoyed the song from the first time I listened to it. From here, I love the melodic guitar vibe. Love the harmonics too! It's a very sad song though.”


Next up, here’s what team member Majo’s been listening to this month:




“Ah, where do I even start with this gem? Olivia Dean’s "Dive" is my latest obsession! It’s like a warm blanket on a chilly evening, blending soul and pop into a soothing, introspective melody that just elevates the spirit. There’s something about the heartfelt sincerity and the smooth simplicity in Olivia’s voice that just sweeps you away. It’s a heartfelt serenade that makes you want to dive deep into your feelings!”


I love the description, it definitely puts you in that mood. 


Now, we stop chilling as her second chosen track is a cover which will probably make you want to dance 💃:




“Originally a banger by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, this cover by Royel Otis gives it a whole new indie flavor. It’s got all the nostalgic beats of a classic dance anthem but wrapped up in a cool, laid-back, lo-fi vibe that I absolutely adore. Otis Pavlovic’s sweet vocals add just the right touch of indie charm to this track, making it both a tribute and a total reinvention. It respects the catchy soul of the original while spinning it into something deliciously fresh.

Happy listening, everyone! Dive into these tracks and let me know what you think!“


Moving on to the next member of the team here, we keep dancing to the melody of the first tune chosen by Kiro:




“Maybe late to the party, but I really dig this top tune by Bad Bunny whom I discovered relatively late! Love the sound of Spanish in songs and how he mixes up flows and styles in his works!”


Now, “a fine blast from the past”:




And the last one, a track that definitely couldn’t be missing from Kiro’s collection: 


“A new artist from Jamaica with a velvet voice. Interesting fact is that Nigel Hector is visually impaired but his vocal skills are impeccable. Check this banger tune from him”




It's going well so far, we hope you agree! Now, let’s see what Novy’d like to share with us this time.


I'll start with a song that was released a year ago and that I've loved right from the first time I listened to it:”




“by the Jonas Brothers. This is such a lovely song about falling in love on the beach, and you can guess it is the perfect one for someone who loves the beach like I do! I've been listening to this one constantly for a year already, and I still can't get enough. The best part is that I got to enjoy it at their concert, which was really an incredible experience ❤️


That’s amazing Novy! I bet one of the most exciting experiences in one’s life is when you can get to see your all time favorites live. 


“Another song that I've been obsessing over is:” 




“by Luísa Sonza and Baco Exu do Blues. They're both awesome Brazilian artists that I enjoy a lot, and them having a song together is so cool to me! I'm learning Portuguese so it also helps me a bit with pronunciation and stuff! ❤️


“And last but not least,




“by Blu DeTiger. I discovered Blu a few months ago with this song on a Spotify playlist, and I've been super obsessed with her music! She released her first album "All I Ever Want Is Everything" a few weeks ago and I loved it. I hope I get to see her in concert at some point  ❤️


After this great selection, we'll continue with Julian’s favorites for this month:



“I've been waiting for around 5 years to see this band here in Colombia, and they finally came on May 7th. Their soft melodies make me want to chill and enjoy the music. Their show started with songs from their latest album 'Myself in the way', but then they started playing their classics from 'Peripheral Vision' and everyone danced and sang their hearts out. I was super happy that day.”



That sounds like a really nice experience, Juli. I haven’t heard about them before, but I have to admit I really felt the feel of this one too. 


To keep it interesting, we’re now changing the tone totally with Cangrejo by Arbol de Ojos. 




“'Arbol de Ojos' is a band from Medellin, Colombia. I guess they have an 'Artic Monkeys' vibe. They opened for 'Turnover' and I was pretty amazed with their show. I knew the guitar player from another band called 'Código Rojo' that I loved as a teenager, so I guess that also helped me enjoy this band even more. Always support your local artists!”



“And talking about supporting your local artist, let me introduce you to 'Contralatido'. This is the band of some friends of mine, one of them actually worked with us here at Spotify CS for a few years. They started the band last year and I've been really amazed with their sound. They approached me last year to take some pictures for them and since then we've worked together. I'm proud to say I took the Artist pictures you can find in their profile.”





What an example of great local music! Also, amazing pictures 📸


Next up, we have Martin with a couple of jams he’s been into this month: 








Coming into the month with some global tunes, from the land of the rising sun all the way to sunny Brazil. In the time since we last made the IOH playlist I've done some digging into my algorithm and have found some pretty cool tunes, if I do say so myself. Here's some of my most listened songs”


Wow, that was indeed global! Spotify, as always, helping us discover more and more of our taste. 


And finally, I wanted to share with you a song by Azariah who I discovered recently while visiting Hungary and got pretty engaged with his music. 




You can find the whole playlist here: 




Thanks to all who shared these amazing songs! We hope you make some new discoveries 🙂

See you next month 🎧


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