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Music Monday

#MusicMonday Review - February 2024


#MusicMonday is the hashtag I've been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check January's review for more music.


This month's all about mixing Rock sub genres. Would you like some Psych, Alt, Punk, or just straight Hard Rock? Give it a listen, with a word from the artists themselves. 🎧


PELICAN DEALER – Filthy Romance


Dull the edge, dirty keys

And crave something endlessly 

Your distant hand, calling me


Face to face, no compromise
My heart is pumping overtime
Stare into space, sweetest taste

I'm going on a secret trip


We start our trip with an truly trippy Alt Rock track (try saying that three times fast) from Leuven, Belgium, where this filthy romance is taking over:


"The theme of the song revolves around escapism and seeking refuge in a better world, a safe dream realm where emotions are muted. This gives rise to a gritty romance between the desire to escape and losing touch with reality. It can be interpreted in various ways, such as a romance with the addictive allure of a suffocating relationship you can't quite let go of, or a romance intertwined with the use of numbing substances, …


It was a personal experience."




The Boondocks – Black Taxi


Why did you go away

Do you want me to stay


Take a look at yourself

You're just like everyone else


From the Āwhitu Peninsula, in Auckland, New Zealand we get some high energy Punk Rock about being judged, and looked down upon:


"The name is Black Taxi, as it is a reference to the Foo Fighters Song White Limo, as that was the track that inspired it.

Its about dealing with people who often give unwarranted advice. It's just the feeling of frustration it gives you."




Avee Mana – Cherry


All that I need drags down the engine
Social frightening I'm overacting
Time's up cherry, turning envy

I need much more blue screens, trapdoors
White hills climbing, glitching cutscenes

Time's up cherry, lifetime's crumbling


We travel now to Marseille, France, for a French Psych Rock track about how the highs in life fade away fast. Is it sweeter? It can be:


"The first line that came was all that i need drags down the engine, echoing to the need of things, substances or experiences that may seem positive but in the end they are dragging us down.


The Cherry being a kind of dopamine reward".




Oceanless – This Feeling

Please tell me, what you want
Cause I can see it's taking too long
For you realize it's not gonna work
So let cut the ties before this bubble bursts


I know you want it more more,

but I'm lost in the movie scene,

lost in the magazine


We move to Manchester, England for some Pop Psych Rock about the feeling of finally be on your own, coming around, distorting the sound:


"The track originally came from a practice room jam idea that was then demoed in our first house together. We then visited the Motor Museum with producer Al Groves who produced Bring Me The Horizon's album That’s The Spirit and many more.


The song was written about our own experiences as teenagers and young adults going through relationships and breakups. The feeling you get from freedom and a new lease of life. 🙌🏼🖤"




Stand Alone – This Has Gone




Do you like how far this has gone?


We end up in the City of Bradford, England for a Melodic Hard Rock track about realizing that there's more to life than drinking, but how hard it is to just let it go:

"The track is about a persons inner conflict with getting drunk. Basically their sober self trying to reason with the intoxicated version of their self. Even though they accept that sometimes things in their life are bad because of it they end up going back to it."




#MusicMonday 2023


This is your last chance to say goodbye to 2023 with last year's compilation. 101 titles from original artists covering all types of genres, representing the multiple trends independent artists are proud to establish. Have a listen:




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