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Music Monday

#MusicMonday Review - November 2021


#MusicMonday is the hashtag I've been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check October's review for more music.


This month we'll be taking about, as one of the tracks featured calls them, Motivational Substances, which refers to the multiple ways used to enhance our senses. Let's have a listen, with a word from the artists themselves. 🎧


Yogures de Coco – El Rumor de Bowie




Yo pensaba que iba bien
Hasta que dejé de ver
Fotogramas en la piel


Siento el rumor de un tema de Bowie
Y necesito salir
Ecos de voz
De la melodía
Cantan muy dentro de mí

This month's starting point in our musical journey is Madrid, Spain, with a Spanish Pop Rock track with lyrics as surreal as Bowie himself:

"The lyrics in El rumor de Bowie conceal a true story. A wild night lived by one of us some time ago. We prefer not to say who hahaha. We think this song is quite relatable because everyone has lived a night of fun in which ANYTHING can happen."




Loose Buttons – Minor Leaguer



Can barely keep my plants alive
Lost the keys to my hometown
One day, I know
Won’t be able to call my old man on the phone

Nine-minute mile
Career minor leaguer forcing a smile
Once a promising ride
If it’s the end, then at least we can say that we tried


From New York, let's listen to a Garage Rock track that will t-t-take you home feeling good:


"Lyrically, I started writing those lyrics as sports were coming back during the pandemic and I started seeing a lot of these athletes get “called up” cause players were get diagnosed with covid left and right. I explored the idea of someone who is doing what they love but aren’t quite doing it at the level they thought they were going to when they decided to go down this path."




Table Scraps – You Only Wanna Get High



What is it about that stuff

that makes you keep coming back for more


The only time you open up

is when the man is knocking at your door


For a more Psych take on Garage Rock, let's move to Birmingham, England, with a track that, after listening to it, will make you wonder if society is basically collapsing. It is what it is:


"The song comes from an amalgamation of experiences around people who either base their whole personalities around drugs or take drugs and become very boring or just unbearable to be around ☠"




Pizza Crunch – Motivational Substances




I’d like to spend the night just once
without a motivational substance
Agitation forever a friend
Oh to be an addict again


Keeping the same theme, we go to Glasgow, Scotland for more guitar lines, and infectious rhythms. Just remember, your future self says carefully tread:


"The term was used by a friend to describe drugs and I found it quite a funny euphemism. In terms of the meaning of the song, it kind of refers to longing for time when that kind of hedonism was a bit of a laugh. Now drugs have become a requirement to have fun and at 23 years old that kind of attitude is more serious and less of a laugh."




Just Ideas – Let Go (Feat. Lil Berete)



I should've been the one

that tell 'em don't go


We keep these demons knockin', with a Hip-Hop track from Ontario, CA, that is hard to let go:

"We met Lil Berete in the studio and did 2 songs the first night. One of those songs ended up on his deluxe album called “ikik”. A few months later, we were working on a Just Ideas single and we wanted to send it to him so he would feature on it. We blended Melodic Hip Hop with some Afro influences and sent it over. He liked the beat and agreed to the song. He sent over his parts and we finished the final song."




Lost Love – Hell


Credit: Pier-Anne BilodeauCredit: Pier-Anne Bilodeau


Now that everyone's sick, it’s kinda weird to claim
That everything is fine, you’re living in denial

Deny your demons, they’ll end up coming back for you


We live in hell so when we die, it’s with nothing to lose
But when we’re gone, I truly hope the memories make you smile
We spend our lives trying to please and end up disappointing you

Staying in Canada, we move to Montreal, from Melodic Hip-Hop to some Melodic Pop Punk about being your own worst enemy as the person you wish you could be:

"Hell is definitely about two things:

1- feeling worthless during the pandemic - facing the world from home and thinking : there’s nothing I can do about this
2- being in a band that won’t get any bigger than we are and trying to be okay with this. It’s like we’re doing all this work, but we must remember that the only reason we’re doing this is to have fun and we should keep on not taking ourselves too seriously because to loop back to what I mentioned in 1: whatever we’ll do might not change anything."




AdLo – Moon Phases



Stuck in my head

Can't explain it

You don't know who I am


For our last track, let's go to Boston, MA and indulge in some sonically raw Emo Hyperpop:

"It's an experience, my friends getting hooked on drugs and friend groups switching up."




Listen to them and much more on the complete Playlist




See you next month!