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#MusicMonday Review - October 2020


#MusicMonday is the hashtag I've been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check September's review for more music.


A little bit late, but last month's review is in, and it was a great one for new music. Without further ado, let's listen to the tracks, with a word from the artists themselves. 🎧


The American Love Story - All My Friends Are Dead


All my friends are deadals.jpg
Got a bullet in the head
The less that I expect
The more that I get


Orlando, FL. will be our starting point this month, with some alternative rock with a cool 80s guitar vibe:


"The song is about unrequited love and that is a feeling that lots of people can relate too...

This someone is still in your head and it is difficult to forget them... so the solution to avoid future pain is the lyric at the end of the second verse “The less that I expect, the more that I get."




XY&O - Wrap Around Me


I don't know where you start

no beat of my heart

won't tear us apart


From the UK. a Pop track about coming together and supporting each other, all with a touch of EDM:


"The track was inspired by togetherness and intimacy (in the broadest sense). It's about being there for one another and the healing power of physical touch with someone close to you."




Old Blood - Veinscraper




A gripping feeling (feeling)
Draws you in
A coaxing darkness (darkness)
My best friend
The needle pulls you (pulls you)
Down deep within
You feel it pulsing (pulsing)
Inside your skin


In our (unofficial) monthly Doom / Stoner Rock section, we present a down-tempo psychedelic track that will make you feel you're being eaten alive by the Earth herself:


"Veinscraper was one of our oldest songs. It was written with the concept of someone going off the deep end of indulgence in mind. Since then it changed and was updated when [vocalist] Lynx joined.

The spirit of the song remained but since it was mainly instrumental before the addition of the message from Lynx’s lyrics really made it stand out and more powerful"




Coque Tornado - Electricidad


te empieza a excitar coquetornado.jpg

su personalidad

cosquillas esquivad

la noche singular

¡qué fuerte!


Is it Low-Fi, Power Pop, Post Punk, or Indie? This Madrid, Spain band may have a little bit of all mixed in for this track:


"Well, a girl who didn't love me is actually the inspiration.


I was wondering why I'd keep doing songs, if she no longer loved me.


The chorus is me trying to cheer myself up, and have the strength to let her go.


It's a goodbye song, "stay with yourself" I say at the end."




Somebody's Child - Hold Me Like You Wanna


somebodyschild.jpgAnd you try your best,

and you don’t succeed,

and you God damn risked it all,
And you don’t know why and you don’t know when


Let's go to Dublin City, Ireland for another 80s influenced indie track that can certainly resonate with the current global situation:


"The song to me is a love song, but not romantically. It's a tale of two friends who's relationship is no longer what it used to be, but no matter what they will always be there for one another. 

Nostalgia was a big theme here and I think everyone can relate to that at the moment with all that's going on in the world."




César Geune - De Vez en Cuando (En Directo)
Esperando escondido en el cochecesargeune.jpg
Malgastando otra maldita noche
Comprendiendo que por tonto
Me perdí tus besos
Me perdí tus manos
Me perdí tus labios sonriéndome
Heartbreak is universal, and this singer / songwriter from Madrid shows us how it inspired his (live) pop rock track:
"This song is about a true story, told by a friend of mine in his car one night. Her girlfriend got tired of trying to be a part of his life and make it count, so she decided to break up and move forward."


Listen to them and much more on the complete Playlist




See you soon!