#MusicMonday Review - September 2021

#MusicMonday Review - September 2021

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#MusicMonday is the hashtag I've been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check August's review for more music.


This month's music comes with the recurring theme of connecting, with yourself, another person, bandmates, or even de-connecting if necessary. Let's have a listen, with a word from the artists themselves. 🎧


Coyote Kid – Good Intentions



Hold your red hands high
Don't you even try to hide it
I know all your lies
I won't let you get away this time

You move your mouth just like a weapon
You shoot your tongue just like a gun
You're only firing loaded questions
So you can hear yourself to walk
You only got those good intentions
But you'll never walk that walk
Your worst words are your only weapon
Come on and take your shot


The first track of the month takes us to Minneapolis, MN for a Indie Rock song directed to people who got a lot to say about a whole lot of nothing:

"I think it was inspired just by a general feeling of angst in the world. Lots of big hateful talk without any real meaning or weight behind it, ya know? Everybody’s just trying to win the arguments instead of actually communicating."




Filter Fauna – Escarlata



Me empiezo a lamentar
Por las cosas que dice mi mente
Y hago por no escuchar
Pero siempre me voy del presente

Mi voz intenta despertar
Pero no me queda más que verte
Quiero solo conocerte


No soy, no soy, no soy, el mejor en esto
No soy, no soy, no soy el más grande genio
Yo solo quiero mi amor perderme en tus besos


Next up, from Bogotá, Colombia, a groovy Alt Rock track with a touch of Andean folk:


"It is an own experience, but it is also a reflection of what to grasp from all the media, it is increasingly difficult to connect, starting with the issue of virtuality at this time.

The song was born one night, where in the middle of the party I did not feel part of the people, and I decided to go to the comfort of solitude, to have a bottle of wine."




SNAYX – False Friends

Photo: Leila RummeryPhoto: Leila Rummery

Settle down the party’s over,
You pull up and I pull over,
Character building, you can call it what you want,
Lies upon lies, two-faced so think twice,
Cowardice in a carapace, a runner looking for an exit,
or the fastest way straight back to nowhere,


So customize, and start again,
With no more lies, and no more false friends,

I’ve cracked your code, so don’t pretend,
There’s no more lies, and no more false friends


We go now to Brighton, England, where this punk rock duo gives us a way to communicate someone to drop the act, and walk:


"The song is about cutting toxic people from your life, those that don't deserve a second chance, seeing through someone’s outward traits realizing they’re no longer someone that you want to associate with, seeing them for who they really are, and acting bold enough to leave them behind. Removing those that drag you down and surrounding yourself with people that really make you feel loved and appreciated.


I used to hang around with a group of friends and one person in particular who always used to put on a bit of a persona and generally act like a bit of a d*ck when we were out. Once I began to see through the act, I stopped hanging out with them and started spending time with much more genuine people. Just felt the song reflects that time and the process of finding new friends and starting over."




The Howlers – Never Enough



Something's been on my mind
And I know that it don't seem right
I'm seeing the warning signs
And I'm ready to put up a fight

You never took the easy way
There's always someone to lead you astray
I never thought I'd see the day
When you'd pick a fight and walk away


We stay in the UK, and move to London, for an Indie Rock track rich in guitar sounds, where your goals are just never gonna be enough:


"When we first wrote ‘Never enough’ we didn’t have any money to rehearse so we set a drum kit up in [band member] Cams room and then made as much noise as possible before the neighbours came home from work, we didn’t even have a title for it until we went into the studio and even then it had the nickname ‘Match Of The Day’ as to us it sounded like it belonged soundtracking the goals of week, it has a raw simplistic energy to it those tracks only come along once in a blue moon.


The track really speaks for itself, it's simply about wanting more from life, I was taught growing up if you want something you’ve gotta fight for it, don’t give up on the journey, the ups and downs, having to sometimes suck it up and get on with it, that’s what it's all about’."




Rough Dreams – Desert Ghosts



I know that it haunts you

I know that it hurts just to think of that name

It keeps you awake when you're trying to sleep

And I know how it kills you

how you beat yourself up for mistakes


From Knoxville, TN, we can tell from the extended intro, and opening riff, that this track will connect hard, like emo grunge punk rock hard. The damage is done now. Band member Chris tells us:

"This is a song that I never could’ve written alone. The lyrics were originally about a bad breakup, and the music had an almost double time feel. But when I brought it in and was first showing it to everyone, Jake pulled that lead from the void and started playing it over it, and right away, I knew everything had changed. The basic structure and chords stayed the same, but the song now had this otherworldly vibe and direction, and the lyrics shifted to address some of the struggles we had been going through, and how the adversity just made us stronger."


Band member Jake had this to say:


"I will say this, when he presented it at practice I said “Oh this rocks. I’m not singing at all on this. I’m just gonna play lead guitar the whole time” 😂".




Listen to them and much more on the complete Playlist




See you next month!


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