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2 Missing Avenged Sevenfold albums

2 Missing Avenged Sevenfold albums

the albums Live in the LBC and Diamonds in the Rough by Avenged Sevenfold are missing from spotify i would love for these to be added


8 Replies

Completely agree; I would love to see these 2 albums and more avenged sevenfold live versions on spotify.

Hello @Manutanque,


Welcome to Spotify Community! : )

Music added to Spotify is totally up to the artists, labels and/or their aggregators. 

However, if you happen to have a digital ( or any other ) copy of the album, you can add it to Spotify and sync it across all of your devices. Just follow the guide here.

They are also missing Lost it all from Nightmare

Hey guys!

As @Dreadlord mentioned, missing or unavailable music is almost always a decision by the artist/label to withhold the content from Spotify. Sometimes it's temporarily unavailable while they sort out legal issues or correct metadata, in which case it'll be back up as soon as they resubmit it to Spotify. While it might be a good idea to contact the artist or label directly and ask why the music isn't on Spotify, you can also fill out this form to let Spotify staff know of your interest. You might also be interested in supporting this idea, which suggests a simpler method for requesting albums missing from Spotify.

Please let us know if we can help with anything else! Happy listening 🙂

Indeed, st James from hail to the king too

That song and Lost it all are album exclusives

Has been almost two years since this post, is there any chance we have the "Live in the LBC and Diamonds in the Rough" album ? especially the track "until the end" ? please

I agree. Spotify, if you are reading this. Please please add these 2 a7x albums. It is essential to add them so i can continue to support spotify. Thank you 

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