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2Pac Resurrection

2Pac Resurrection

The album is edited , some time ago you had the album's explicit version.

you removed the album and its not back only edited.


Am I missing something or its really only edited?

Can you put the explicit back ,


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Spotify would love to have all the world’s music available to everyone. However, some artists and tracks aren't currently available.

I'd recommend reading this article for more info.

Hope this helps!

You got me pretty wrong, I explained myself in a bad way.


Spotify deleted the album alot of time ago.


They added it back , but now its only EDITED. Not explicit , the censorship sucks af , the song ghost has like half of the lyrics only , the censorship sucks so much.


I want to get spotify to notice they didn't add the explicit version back. I'm pretty sure it was a mistake , I hope to see it back soon..

I wrote this here owing I don t know where I should do.

First I had a premium account on spotify for 3 months and it was ok.... now I can t play 2pac album's The Don Killuminati: The 7 Days Theory. Why? Why should I go back to premium it is in the premium offered?

Oh yeah they also removed All Eyez On Me

They're removing music again : ( I hope Spotify can fix it.

Let's make some noise maybe they don't spend money on shitty "artists" such as BTS or LIL whatever....

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