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3MB erroneous artist entry

3MB erroneous artist entry



3MB mixes at least two separate artists.


I only know of the techno act responsible for the track Cosmic Courier (which has far more view than all other tracks associated with the Spotify entry). All other tracks may belong to the same group, but not to this one. The musicians behind 3MB are Moritz von Oswald and Thomas Fehlmann, associated with either Juan Atkins or Eddie Fowlkes.

On Discogs we create alternate numeral entries like 3MB (2), I don't know what Spotify does in such cases but I'd like to know.



2 Replies

Hi Mat,

Spotify has the functionality for supporting multiple artists with equal names. All artists have their own unique URI, for 3MB i found:




However, that does not mean there are no incidents with this. One example is yours. Songs from one artist appear on the artist page of the other artist. This happens a lot. I have reported several cases already to Spotify. This sounds to me like a problem with the onboarding of the content, the songs. But I would expect that proper authentication rules would prevent this. A user uploading content should only be allowed to upload content for artists (s)he is delegated for. Of course, when the same user is allowed to upload content for both artists "3MB" then it is a user error.


Another example are the songs in the automated Release Radar playlist, which is weekly generated by Spotify. This playlist contains songs of artists you like. Today I encountered a funny one. I follow a duo called "audiobooks" (spotify:artist:1YvLqwm8xl6ENUT3KK6XMj) and I my Release Radar playlist I noticed a song: "How this playlist works" by "Audiobooks" (spotify:artist:4YLjsvxcHLBK6lf0DVVkzW). This is not an actual song, but spoken instructions on how a certain audio book playlist works...

So, Spotify adds tracks to the Release Radar probably based on Name of artist rather than Id which I believe is a flaw of the system.


You can report your issue here by the way:


Thanks man! I've reported other issues here, as I read an answer from the Spotify staff stating to someone else that this kind of errors should be listed here, as they are not "technical". let me know if you think I should still proceed differently (I'm a former Discogs editor so I may find more in the future). Cheers!

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