A great band missing on Spotify: Seade


A great band missing on Spotify: Seade


Seade had two releases, but their album Perf is clearly an outstanding example of  90's alternative rock.  Not having their music on Spotify is a tragedy.  I have the album, and I would like to listen to their music on Spotify, but it isn't available. 


So, does anyone know why this album is not in the catalog?  If I could upload it, I would.



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If you have the CD and/or digital music files of the release, and those music files are not DRM protected, you can simply add the music folder file path location where those songs are stored at on your system into the Spotify desktop app settings. There is some howto guides here: https://support.spotify.com/us/learn-more/guides/#!/article/listen-to-local-files/?in=search on how to do this based on your system and devices.