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A song of mine from upcoming release has disappeared

A song of mine from upcoming release has disappeared

Hi, I use spotify for artist (Italy) and i had an unreleased song of mine in the upcoming section since a month(I had also pitched it). The 15th of July, release date, it disappeared. It doesn't appear now nor in the upcoming section nor as published. Distrokid (my distributor) has delivered it and published it everywhere except there.

If it helps, the last photos i put on my photo gallery have disappeared also.

I hope someone can help me and that this is the right section.

Thank you a lot

3 Replies

Hello Are you okay? Hope everything is ok! I believe that in this attached link you will find the answers you are looking for, if you don't find it, in this link you also have access to support. Hope this helps. A big hug and success in your launch!


Hi, thank you. I already had read that article and i tried to get an
account content manager in order to see if the song was deleted, ecc. it
asked me to use google authenticator, and so to scan a qr code for this new
account, but the only qr code i could scan was of my normal google account.
Practically in the instruction to create an account content manager it
seems to miss the part where you “link” google authenticator to spotify,
idk if i explained myself well. So i can’t see where my song is. Distrokid
labels it as published everywhere except spotify, of which it gives me only
a presave, and in spotify it’s absent.
I’m Elisa Florian and the song name is Eroina, if it helps

Our Elisa, I'm sorry for what is happening with your release. I did a search and really your song Eroina is only found on Spotify. Well, once this happened with a client here at the agency and the solution at the time was to re-release the song only for Spotify. When we did that we used Cdbaby for the new distribution and it worked, the music in a few days went up to Spotify. What may have happened is: That it really was a distribution error by the aggregator. You need to know with them if your music was also uploaded to Spotify, if not, the solution is to re-release it only for Spotify. I hope you can solve it with this tip. A big hug and a great Sunday!

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