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A song played and I can't find it

A song played and I can't find it

It played on my phone, so I can't find the history. It was a suggested song on my album, and I barley caught the name, it said "Wow" But none of the songs I searched was the right one..And I need to find this song. Any help?

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Hi @benjebad,


Unfortunately there is no way to view song history on the mobile app version of Spotify. However, if you remember the tune, you could try using (or the app on the App Store called SoundHound, they are both made by the same company) and see if it picks up the song there.
Alternatively, if you remember some key lyrics (that are relatively unique so it is easier to narrow down the song), you can try typing them into google and adding lyrics to the end of your search, or trying to search the lyrics on


Hope this helps!

I would suggest listening to the recommended songs from the album again as they often replay the same ones. You can also try looking under the "Related Artists" tab to and see if you recognize the artist of the song you are looking for there. It's so frusterating to hear a song you love but not be able to locate it, good luck on your search! 

Hi @benjebad,


Well that thing happened hundreds of times to me. If you did thumb up that song then you are saved. Spotify creates a playlist of all liked songs from Radios, because when a playlist ends a radio station with similar artists and songs starts to play and gives you the option to like or dislike the songs so the station will get better and better for your taste. So if you want to find this playlist just look up in Playlists secion in Your Library and find Like from Radio. That’s where it should be.

However, if you didn’t then the chances are slimmer here. Firstly you can try the desktop apps of Spotify, which luckily have a History feature. 

Secondly, you could try the app that was recommended in this topic, SoundHound which is really helpful in finding songs while you are the singer.

The last one is that if you happen to know some lyrics you could just google them and Genius my come up with your song.


I hope we were able to help sort this out, if so mark the replies as solutions as it might help the others with the same issue.



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