ANy more music tips for my House/ EDM playlist?

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Feder: Breathe, Lordly, 

Synapson: Fireball, Djong Maya Mai, Souba 

Calvin Harris: Driking from the Bottle, Feels, Feels so close, 

Avicii: Wake Me Up, Waiting for love, 

Broken Back: Young Souls, The Scone The Better, 

BLOW :Power,  You Killed Me on the Moon






 Vicetone - I Hear You / Nevada

 Conro - Chardonnay

 Rootkit - Concrete Jungle(?)

 Monstercat works well for me for finding stuff, they have some good mixes. You can Google them on Google (lol) and grab music from their playlists to move to yours through searching the song on Spotify. Game soundtracks also work great to bolster playlists. 

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