Ad Song! (Updated, still need help!)


Ad Song! (Updated, still need help!)


Hey there! So, I noticed in the recent ads that there was a song I really, really liked. However, everytime I realize it is playing, I miss i entirely. Or, if I am listening to the ad, I try my hardest to hear the artist, but it is very hard to understand. 


They only play one line, and it goes 'Oooh, I like it'. At least, I think it says I like it, but I am unsure. It sounds like the artists name begins with a M, but like I stated before, it is suuuper hard to understand. If any of you know, I would love to know the name of the song!




So, I clicked on the ad and they led me to a playlist. Only, as I went through every single song, I didn't hear it, unless I somehow missed it. If anyone listens to the playlist Indie Darlings and knows what song I'm talking about, please please let me know!

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before advertising goes on spotify, open shazam then on shazam press the big button to shazamer then resume reading the ad


! be careful, the sound must be close to shazam.