Add genre to playlists

Add genre to playlists


Coming from Google Play, I'm used to seeing the genre column in my All Music list. This allowed me to sort by genres like hip hop and easily create genre related playlists. Right now I have to sort by artist, which doesn't give you the same results. Your API returns the genre, so it's just a simple HTML field add.

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Hi there!


Great idea! Someone else already posted this in the ideas-area of the community. You can vote and/or comment on this idea right here.


I would very much like this too. I have thousands of songs saved to alphabetical playslists, just to make sure I do'nt have everything twice or even hundredfold. I would now like to create some genre playlists, mood playlists, etc for myself, with only the songs that I really like.


I have tried the organizeyourmusic tool by plamere, but it has too many gernes and it still is an enormous task to do this, even with this tool. If Spotify would just have an extra field/column which shows the genre of every song and perhaps the main gerne or genres an artist is perfoming in, it would be much easier to make user created genre playlists.


Yes this has been mentioned years earlier, but still one of the most basic features any piece of music software is having, is lacking on Spotify.


So please, make it easier to find, sort and play music by genre.

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