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[Ads] Ads Filter

[Ads] Ads Filter

Okay, so the last post that was talking about this subject was made during 2012. It has been 7 years now and there has been no sign of improvement with Spotify ad filtering even though they said, "We are working on making ads more personalized, to create better experiences for our users...Keep an eye out for improvements." I'll have you know I am only 17 years old and I continuously get bombarded by alcohol and condom ads. I don't know if you trying to send me a message but I am not a party teen, sorry. On my settings, it says my ads are adjusted by what I look up on Facebook but I literally use Facebook for family, cat videos, and friends. I do not constantly look up stuff about condoms and alcohol. It's also very embarrassing when I am blasting my music and a Trojan ad comes on. Please, I beg of you to work harder and faster on fixing your filters for advertisement. There are children on this platform. I never had these problems on Pandora...

3 Replies

Maybe unlink facebook? Or just pay for a subscription?

I dont want to pay for a subscription because I'm really bad keeping up
with recurring payments and for some reason when I turn off recurring
payments the make me pay anyway. I'll try unlinking it but idk how that'll
turn out. Thanks.

Hey there @BeriPeric,

thanks for posting !


Reaching the "Ideas" section of the community might be a good thing to do.


Let me know what you find 😃

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