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Adult content in search results

Adult content in search results




United States


My Question or Issue

Spotify says it is intended for listeners 13+ in age. Does Spotify consider this content to be appropriate for 13 year olds? How do we prevent things like this from happening? My wife searched "we don't talk about bruno" for the kids and look what popped up in the search results:




In case you missed it, the song that showed up is called "I want his d1 ck in my a$$h0le." Which I can't even post here in the community without changing the spelling or it gets replaced with "bleep", ironic.


I also didn't see a way to report the song in the Spotify app.

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I'm sorry to hear about what happened,children really shouldn't be exposed to such

There is a way however to limit how often such results show up when searching for something.

Turn off the "Explicit content" in the settings menu

Alternatively, you can create a separate account for the kid(s) where you can visit the website and set their age(s).


TaylithSpotify Star
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Hi Taylith,


The point is not that I can use explicit filters for my kids. The point is that their app is rated age 12+ and has pornographic search results. The title of the song is so explicit that I can't even post it here because it gets censored. Why the difference in standards?

i double replied and can’t delete this one

Hi Taylith,


I still get horrific search results even with explicit search disallowed. See attachment when searching Moana.  What is going on and how can it be stopped? Thank you. 



Hey there,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


As per our T&Cs, in order to have a Spotify account you need to be of the appropriate age listed or the one using the account must have parent/mentor consent. The appropriate age differs from the one listed in the app stores, as the app stores have their own way of determining the appropriate age for an app.


There is a way to turn off the playback for explicit content, but this doesn't mean it wont appear in the search results. Here is more information on that.


If available in your country, we advise you to use the Spotify Kids app for underage users. More on that here.


Hope this helps,



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