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Advanced playlist settings

Advanced playlist settings

I think that playlists need to be given more attention on Spotify. Now I’m not just talking about your average favorites playlist, but those which the creator has poured specific songs to fit the mood, genre, or subject. A great addition to playlist settings would be the ability to add commentary to the icon so the creator of the playlist can express clearly why they chose this particular song to go on this playlist. An example of this could be my playlist dedicated to album covers I find “cool.” With this playlist I often find myself wanting to give a reason why I put a particular song cover on the playlist because it wouldn’t make sense why it’s on the playlist without any sort of personal commentary that others can see. This idea could easily change how music can spread or be looked at and could form a much better music critique and sharing.

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Hi @Jackrhodes and welcome to the Community!  Hope you're enjoying it so far! 🙂
This has kind of been submitted in various threads in the Idea board over the years, but not garnered enough votes (100 per year) to stay Live.
You can read some of the previous submissions from the link below and even start a new idea if you'd like. If an idea is popular and gets enough votes, it just might be a feature added in the future.
Hope this was helpful and have a great day! 🙂


[Playlists] Allow participant commentary within Collaborative Playlists


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