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Album Request


Album Request

may i request for Aimer's album titled daydream , thank you very much 

4 Replies

Would you perhaps know how long it takes for these to process and if in anyway you are notified when the music is added to spotify?





The Google form link came from this thread here:


Stating on the thread post that:

"When doing so, do please keep in mind that this is an internal list we will use at regular intervals, to see how much interest there is for any given band. Submitting a name in that form or this thread doesn't mean they will magically be showing up soon."


So this is just an internal list people can use for music requests, but no guarantees when the content might appear. 


Also Spotify users who Follow artists, this helps with regards to push email notifications when an artist page has had content updated to it. As sometimes added content to artist pages can show up during the week separate from New Release Fridays, when new content gets added to the Spotify service. The Spotify service will send out Push Email Notifications to users who are following these artists if and when content gets added to the artist pages.

The city sleeps in flames album by scary kids scaring kids

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