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Album-based autoplay radio playlist not available anymore?

Album-based autoplay radio playlist not available anymore?

Hi. Since don't know when but fairly recently I can't see the album-based autoplay radio playlist anymore. When an album ends it goes into radio mode and the playlist is based on the album I recently played. now, when I click on the thumbnail of the track that plays through this radio it does not show the radio playlist anymore, instead, it refreshes the previously played album. It was very good when the playlist was available to browse as many tracks that were proposed were inspiring and worth going after. Now it is very limiting. Please advise if this is a deliberate change or is it a bug. Either way, the previous was better.

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Hey there @rkansy


Thanks for getting in touch about this and welcome to the Community! 


We tried this on our end, but we couldn't replicate it. Could you let us know if this happens across devices or only on your PC?


On another note, we suggest that you try logging out and then logging back in twice in a row. This will trigger a sync between your account and device. 


If this doesn't do the trick, it's well worth running a clean reinstall to get rid of any cached files that might be causing trouble. 


Keep us posted. 

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Hi. Thank you. The twice login action does not help. I think this is not a valid solution to this type of issue. It happens across all platforms - PC. Mac, Android. It seems to me like a system change on your end. Can you please confirm if this was a part of the new release at some point?

I can try to describe it differently. It all comes to this: earlier whenever I played an album and it ended, a continuous listening experience was provided due to playing recommended tracks (possibly somehow based on the album that just ended). When I clicked on the thumbnail of such recommended track I was instantly redirected to a playlist of those recommended tracks. And now the playlist is not accessible and this is the issue. Clicking on a thumbnail of a recommended track is not working like it was before - it does not redirect to the recommended tracks playlist. Can you please investigate that and let me know how can I restore the previous feature? Thanks in advance!

Hey @rkansy,


Thanks for getting back to us. 


It's possible that the feature got removed. At Spotify, we're often testing new features and improvements, that's why you may have something in the app that other users don't or vice versa, or have a feature to try temporarily. You can learn more about that here

For now if you want to access the recommendations - you can check your queue. The songs will be visible there. More info about Play queue can be found here.


We'll keep working on improving this experience moving forward and advise that you keep the app up to date with the latest version so that you don't miss out on any new developments! 


Hope this helps. If you ever have any other questions in the future, feel free to post in the Community again 🙂 

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