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Illegal audio books?

Illegal audio books?

Spotify is being flooded with audio book recordings. I find it strange that well known books suddenly appears as audio books on Spotify, recorded by some random Indian guy in his bathroom. How can this be legal? And why is there now way to report those recordings from the Spotify app?

2 Replies

Hi! Welcome to our community, and thank you for raising your concern! I will try to explain the rights issue to you. Although it may seem unlikely, it is important to mention that many creators manage to obtain permission to record audiobooks with the authorization of publishers. These creators acquire the necessary rights, and thus, can legally make their recordings available on platforms such as Spotify.


However, if you suspect that some of these recordings may be unauthorized, it is recommended to report them to Spotify. By doing this, you will be contributing to maintaining a fair and legal environment within the platform.

Spotify's team of experts will investigate the report and take the necessary actions to ensure that copyrights are respected and content creators are properly compensated.


The vast majority of creators work legitimately and have the necessary permissions to distribute their recordings on Spotify. By reporting suspicious recordings, you will be helping to combat piracy and protect the rights of genuine content creators. And of course, to further improve the audiobook listening experience. I hope I have answered your question well. A big hug and have a great week!

Here's just one of many examples so you know what I'm talking about. I find it hard to believe that any publisher would authorize anything like this. Listen 1 hour into the book and you will have a laugh.


I wish that it a better way to report things like this right in the app. Sometime it's music that are hard to find because it's tagged the wrong way. But I guess Spotify does not care since you're not loosing any money and it's up to the publishers own interest to monitor their music on the platform.

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