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Album not available anymore

Album not available anymore


"Game of Thrones: Season 3 (Music from the HBO Series" is not available anymore. Does anyone know why? The Music from the other Seasons is still available.


5 Replies

Spotify would love to have all the world’s music available to everyone. However, some artists and tracks aren't currently available.

I'd recommend reading this article for more info.

Hope this helps!

hey **bleep**, that response is nothing and is not an answer. Stop mindlessly copy/pasting that because it's not the answer. You're wrong and you don't have an answer so stop answering people.


There are SINGLE albums from artists missing, there are SINGLE SONGS missing. The reason IS MOST DEFINITELY NOT 'ARTISTS PULL THEM'. It makes absolutely no sense to pull a single song from a discography of hundreds. Spotify has some other reason for doing it and refuses to disclose this information for some reason. 7 times out of 10 it's because they changed the code so the song is actually there... but Spotify changed the internal label so it no longer matches the version you put in your playlist.  Go look for the same song and it might still be there, just have to re-add it and your awesome early date gets **bleep** up - but at least you have the song still.


But the other 3 times its seemingly arbitrarily removed and among a sea of non-removed music by the same artist, even the rest of the album except that one song.


It's not copywrite and artists pulling.



I also have seen single albums or songs becoming unavailable. It's not coding errors really, there are other reasons behind this. Let me bring you some examples.

One artist had a few albums missing because the label that put them up had finished its activity and the albums were taken down until rights were sorted and the new label could re-upload them. Similar issue happened to another distributor that had all sorts of game soundtracks. It did give time for artists/rightsholders to move their content elsewhere, but many didn't do it in time and became unavailable.. until the rightsholders sorted it out.


A third major distributor did changes and had to temporarily take down all albums the changes affected. Lots of metal lovers were annoyed and saddened not to be able to listen to their favourite tunes, but the distributor reached out in here and explained what's going on.


There are metadata edits that also include some content becoming unavailable, and the process takes a bit of time.


I love Amon Tobin and two of his albums on Spotify are incomplete. 2 songs (one from each) are completely missing and highly unlikely returning, and it's not only on Spotify, it's so on every streaming platform. None of the platforms did anything, something else happened probably in connection to sample clearance.
Which is a shame, these 2 songs are absolutely splendid tunes.


Regional licensing and restrictions are still a thing, eg a version of an album is available here, but not in that other country.

Spotify can't keep songs available when their licenses are unclear and changing, it would cause a lot of legal issues.


I understand it feels very teaseful and annoying to open Spotify just to find your favourite album incomplete or completely missing, but it's not Spotify's fault.

As much as I love Spotify for its vast libraries, I too can't really put up with the possibility of a favourite song/album disappearing, so I maintain my local library of lossless music files, so if all else fails, I can still listen to the unavailable 4 Ton Mantis.


I understand it might not be enough, but I hope this clears it up a bit. 🙂

This album is not available on any streaming service. I checked Tidal and Google Play Music. I think it has to do something with rights to use that music. 

Nope, you're an **bleep** who doesn't read.

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