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[All Platforms][Music] Please Fix the "Mad Max Fury Road" soundtrack...


[All Platforms][Music] Please Fix the "Mad Max Fury Road" soundtrack...



I love the soundtrack to the movie Mad Max Fury Road, however, the playlist is messed up on Spotify.


To clarify, the titles of many of the songs are incorrect and many songs are duplicates of others while other songs are missing.


As an example, if you play the first song "Survive", you will notice it is exactly the same as the song "Brother's in Arms". Another example, the song played when you click on the song "Many Mothers" is supposed to be "The Chase" and the song "The Chase" is missing from the soundtrack. The true sound of these songs can be heard on youtube.


I'm guessing that the meta info on Spotify has gotten confused between the Standard and Deluxe soundtracks (OST list shown in link below):


Can you please fix this soon?





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Hi and thanks for your feedback. I've moved your post to the Content Questions board, where we can discuss the available Spotify library as well as the Spotify-curated playlists. As @user-removed explained, please read this thread on how to report inaccurate metadata.

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