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[All Platforms][Podcasts] Joe Rogan Episode 1555

[All Platforms][Podcasts] Joe Rogan Episode 1555

I was listening to episode 1555 of The Joe Rogan Experience I took a break and went to finish it up only to find it has been removed.  I'm a fairly reasonable person and I didn't particularly care for the guest, but I don't need spotify to censor things for me. I'm a big boy and if I dont like something I simple won't listen to it. I deserve the choice that's why I choose to pay for the premium service.  I will no longer pay if the episode isn't reinstated in a reasonable amount of time.

1 Reply

Why is Spotify actively censoring the Joe Rogan podcast ? Listener should be able to decide for themselves what they want to listen to. Spotify should not have the power to silence ideas, no matter how ridiculous they think they are. Joe Rogan should sue Spotify for breach of contract. He was promised free reign to conduct his podcast as he chooses, and his listeners would prefer that. If this continues I will personally cancel my membership with Spotify and spread the word that Spotify is acting exactly like the large Facebook Twitter and Google execs By trying to mold what their listeners are allowed to hear. You are cowards

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