All version of "California Love" by 2Pac replaced

All version of "California Love" by 2Pac replaced


So I was just listening to one of my playlists and noticed the original version of "California Love" by 2Pac was different. It should of been the Original version from the "All Eyez On Me" album, but instead, some remixed version of it was playing.


I then searched the entire Spotify song library for "California Love" and noticed that every single version of the song has been replaced with this same remixed version with the original nowhere to be found.


For reference, this is what the original version should sound like [Caution Explicit Lyrics]

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Hey there @AnthonyKinson,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community!


If you're having troubles finding the version of "California Love" you're looking for, we'd recommend first taking a look at the steps provided in this support site article


Keep in mind that we add new content to Spotify every day, so if you can’t find something you’re looking for right now, it may reappear soon.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be right here if you need more help.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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Thanks for the response. My problem isn't that I can't find the song, it's that the version of the song has been changed, as has every other instance of the song from other albums / singles. The song used to be there, but it's as if somebody went in and replaced every single version of the song with a remixed version


I've just stumbled into this problem and I'm glad I found that someone has already brought it up. This remix version isn't the one we all know and love; missing the instrumentals from the beginning which are a big part of the track.


Can y‘all please add the original version? These remixes are kinda disturbing 😞


I have the same trouble... I noticed that some good songs were changed by remixes.


I want California Love, Hit em up and Deep cover original version again... 



Same of problem here. Where the **bleep** is the original song Spotify? You can't rewrite history



exactly. its even hard to find replies and comments where people are having this problem. this is a huge problem. the original recordings are the ones that made the songs famous 90% of the time. if you deal in music and know music to be the artform it is, you would see the seriousness of this.


also, just like the previous comment says, this is exactly like re writing history ...and you see how that is turning out if you have been paying attention to the social climate. but maybe that's the issue. maybe you are not paying attention. that's not cool. and spotify is supposed to be cool. cmon now. smh.


It's been 17 months since I started this thread and the original versions still haven't been restored, nor has there been any sort of official response to this issue.


It's kind of frustrating.

Still looking for the original version. Replacing it with another one even sucks more than removing it completely.


It seems something has finally happened! The 'original' version is now available on the Greatest hits from 1998 album on Spotify.


I believe the version released on All Eyez On Me was in fact the remixed version and I'm unsure where the original was originally released. However, the important thing is that we can now listen to this banger on Spotify.


I don't think this is the case? At least for me, on my spotify, the 'Greatest Hits' version is still the Dr. Dre remix (even though it states that it's the original).

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