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Any great ideas on getting Spotify streams up?

Any great ideas on getting Spotify streams up?

Hello to all my Spotify communities. Lets all work on some solutions so we all can get great Spotify streams and have followers and high monthly listeners. Now does anyone have any ideas ? If you do please let us know your secrets to getting great streams and followers. This is my profile on Spotify please follow and add my three songs to whatever playlists you have and I will do likewise.

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I think the best way is reaching out to playlist curators and get your songs added. That will also help you get suggested more.

Reaching out to Playlist Creators and also music bloggers about doing a write up on your song!

  • As i know the best way to get more streams

is through playlists, and other social media's


Hey @musicboyt1!


Good question. The best thing to do is take a look at our tips on promotion over at our Spotify for Artists site for some useful info. That'll help you grow your artist profile's exposure.


On a personal note, a good digital PR campaign is also worth a try. I've done with my bands in the past, and the online coverage boosted interactions of our social media profiles and our streaming stats 🙂


Hope this helps. The Artist Support folks would also be happy to answer any other questions that you might have if they're not covered in those FAQs.

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