Apple music and Spotify


Apple music and Spotify

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Apple music is getting albums that Spotify is not or possibly before Spotify does. For example future and drake mixtape and most recently Bryson tillers new album.
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Spotify has what is called New Music Fridays release day, and this is to follow the music industry which has decided to release music worldwide on every Friday of the calendar year. So if something does not immediately show, try checking the Spotify service the 1st or 2nd Friday after the music industry Friday release day, even new material released with a delayed release ended up on Spotify anyway. What is a week or two for music streaming, I used to wait as long as six months on new CD releases when prices started to come down on new releases to get better bargains?



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There it is...

It was released on iTunes first. and a little later on Spotify. Don't blame Spotify, blame Drake & Future. They made that deal, probably for a nice pack of dollars from Apple. That's how Apple is trying to become more popular..


They're screwing their way to the top.

screwing up release-dates for the competition to get more popular.