What about a membership for DJs


What about a membership for DJs

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I am writing this idea to try to find a solution to the issue of using the service through professional DJ's apps such as Traktor. If the rules is to buy all our tracks (and I totally agree to the concept) on a "professional" way (which basically means you have to pay $2.49 USD instead of $1.29 because you want to play it in a "professional" concept such as a club - the numbers are given as example here to help understanding the concept). The same concept can maybe reverse now and, as we are talking about the Royalties at the end, maybe we can talk about a Spotify for DJ with the appropriate fees to pay per month to cover this "professional" aspect and lack of royalties that this concept is about at the end. This means that playing a track using the DJ membership should increase the royalties to be sent back to the artists. Because if we pay more to be considered professional, this means that the artists should get more as well from professional playing their tracks, no? 

Then, we can unblock the business with partners to create features based on the subscriptions.


If you don't have this DJ subscription, you cannot use the "DJ feature" and then it is a win-win situation for everybody, no? I believe we are pausing too long on business process and business development right now. But that is a personal optinion (of course). And I know not everybody will be on my side for this suggestion of mine.


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Considering the speed in which the music industry evolves, you can probably expect features like this somewhere around 2026.

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I am rather sure if you do a keyword search under New Ideas of the community you will find several New Ideas to give support and Kudos to for a DJ subcription fee option, and or access to Spotify for DJ's.