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Artist, album, and song names are all a mess!

Artist, album, and song names are all a mess!

Something I have noticed quite a bit over my use of Spotify is the crazy irregularity of names, namings, and credit given to folks on music, especially within certain genres. This is basically a non-issue for any music within the contemporary genres published within the last few years, but especially for older recordings, western and hindustani classical music, and contemporary choral music, there appears to be a huge confusion about who wrote which piece, who performed it, and who recorded the performances. All of these things are very separate from the typical "artist" tag and don't actually give information about the performance that users can use to find like-music. A perfect example of this issue is the album "Shadows and Wings" by the Stellenbosch University Choir. The only artist mentioned underneath each song on the album is the university choir itself. Composers and conductors names are omitted for all of the works performed. As such, anyone wanting to hear a recording of Jake Runestad's "Alleluia" will see not the university choir's performance on the list of results for a typical search. This issue is true of the entirety of the university choir's discography. A similar issue can be found in the discography of many artists hailing from the Indian subcontinent. The late eminent Qawwali performer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's discography is quite literally littered with albums he had very little role in actually putting together (compilations albums including some of his music) all of which would be much better suited for the "featuring" heading under the artist's name. The album "Pancha Nadai Pallavi" is said to feature a performer named "Shankar" though the intended artist credit should be Lakshminarayana Shankar, an indian violinist. The current artist link goes to what appears to be an amalgam of multiple artists' works.  Names get far more convoluted when English language names are not involved. The current Spotify collection of Arabic language music from before the 21st century is a mess of misspelled or outright misnamed songs, albums, and artists. Likewise examples abound.  Simply checking a large number of the music uploaded would be a great boon to the user experience in terms of ease of artist recognition. For classical works, having a clear differentiation between composer and performer would be an additional boon. Thank you for you time. 

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