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Artist name piracy or the case of the fake Jan Johansson?

Artist name piracy or the case of the fake Jan Johansson?

Listening to the late great swedish Piano player Jan Johansson, I came across two albums from 2013, Nordic Impressions and Juxtaposed, which are obviously very badly done plagiarism, not even played live, but rather done with what sounds like a PC's internal soundcard.


Compare say the the recording Jan Johansson – Night in Tunisia with this Jan Johansson – Disjunctive Syllogism


This - to me - constitutes a form of domain name piracy.


On the other hand, it's hard to say that a man called Jan Johansson cannot be allowed to publih music in his own name, especially since the original artist is dead


Anybody seen other examples?

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This issue is rooted a little deeper than just multiple artists on the same page. Spotify currently does not have a way in the clients to separate artists with the same name, meaning anytime this happens the artists get merged onto a single page. There is a discussion about it over on the Ideas Exchange here. There are unfortunately, many many many examples of this in the catalogue.


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Your "brainiac" screenname is at odds with your post. Does it not occur to you that Jan Johansson is a fairly common name among people of Nordic descent? As Peter points out, there are penty of examples in the musical world of several artists with the same or similar names in the music world. John Williams, John/Jon Anderson, etc. It so happens that the Jan Johansson you are so upset about is also a giant in his own right. One of the finest performers of traditional American music you'll ever come across. If you bother to give those two works you mentioned a close listen, you'll find that they are very sophisticated in terms of harmony. It's one thing to not care for an artist as a matter of taste, quite another to accuse someone of plagiarism with absolutely no basis in fact.

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