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Block Artists

Block Artists

Can you give me a way to block an artist? I prefer to listen to other people's playlists and in some genres the playlists often contain artists that I hate. I could not find a way to just stop playing their songs on everything I listen to. 

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Hey there @abryto14


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. We moved your post from the Ideas board to the relevant Help board, where it fits better.


You can already block an artist in the app.  You just need to go to the artist profile on your mobile phone app > Click the 3-dot menu > select "Don't play this". This will block all content from the artist on all devices. Note that if the artist is featured in a song/album from another artist it might still be playable.


On another note, if you want to stop getting recommendations about certain music, you can now exclude it from your taste profile. More info here 


Hope this helps. If you need a hand with anything else, the Community is here for you. 

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How do i do it on the web player?

Hey @jake104,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


This option is currently not available on the web player.


Hope this clears things a bit.



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And what do i do if there is no 3-dot menu?

Hey @Yonig1,


That's quite odd to hear. We'd like to take a closer look for sure, so please send us a screenshot of what you see on your end.


Can you let us know if you've already tried to log out > restart your device > log back in? It's also a good idea to try clearing your cache to remove any old files that might be causing issues.


If that doesn't do it for you, could you let us your phone's Spotify version and, if possible, if you experience this on other mobile devices?


Keep us in the loop!

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And why exactly is there no option for this on the desktop app? Can we discuss this just maybe?

This ABSOLUTELY needs to be an option on web/desktop.

i've blocked an artist using this feature and yet they keep being recommended to me over and over again. doesnt even work when you manage to do find the **bleep** button






(iPhone 13, Macbook Pro late 2017)

Operating System

(iOS 17, Mac OS Sonoma)


My Question or Issue

With the information that’s come to light about the predatory nature of the industry, its VITAL to be able to block specific Artists. As it stands, blocking works intermittently on iOS (featured songs will play) on desktop there is no feature. as i have PTSD, this is a real issue. Music is supposed to be a safe space. Same goes for podcasts, which I posted in community months ago. I don’t see Spotify actually changing this, it’s really important for awareness.

I blocked Kayne and AI DJ played Black Klansman anyway. Block doesn't work. It is an elevator close door button.

I found that Spotify generates a list of artists and songs based on what I initially started to play. That may be OK and to some extent it can also be good and give new views. So far so good but then I found that I didn't like some artists to be played and I couldn't find out how to rid the list of them other than cancelling each song one at a time. I googled and found the solution on non-spotify-sites. The way to go is obviously to use mobile app where blocking an artist is an option. So I did and I then thought I was home free but lo and behold. Spotify keeps putting those artists in the queue but jumps them. This means that I am allowed not to listen to them but I still need to see them in my list. Why? I suggest that a few extra lines of SW is written so this is mitigated. Wouldn't it also feel lika a natural thing to introduce the blocking feature to the desktop version? Also to let me find this information within Spotify instead of having to search elsewhere?







Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 3 and Amazon Alexa Echo Show 5

Operating System



My Question or Issue:


How the **bleep** block a song/artist from playing on all Alexa devices with my account?


I want to block a specific artist/song from playing because it has explicit, sexist and discriminatory language and unfortunately the name of the song "imagina só" has the same name as a children's storybook podcast.


Every time my daughter asks Alexa to play the storybook podcast, it plays the wrong song and plays this horrible song.


I have already activated the explicit language music restriction mode on Alexa and I have already marked the song to hide on Spotify, but this song continues to be played.



I don’t want to have artist like p diddy coming on my 90s vibes playlist and be reminded of myself getting my ass kicked by my ex.  

So I'm listening to Guns N' Roses Mix and I've gotten The Beatles a few times while listening. I just can't stand them at all, and they make me sick just to hear them. There is also no comparison that The Beatles could be in the Guns N' Roses Mix and I don't know how they can be involved in the mix. And since I listen to music while running, it's often hard to skip something you don't want to listen to.

The idea is that some general filter could be defined, which performers you don't like to listen to.

The same could be done, e.g. limited to periods. For example t would be great to filter out all the performers from before the year 1980.


It would be great if there was an AI that would see that you always skip certain performers and then stop including them in the mix.

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