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Block an Artist from Release Radar/Everywhere

Block an Artist from Release Radar/Everywhere

Your Release Radar playlist is easily gameable by artists who "release" something every week and this is a problem you need to fix.  I don't want what little money you *do* pay musicians I respect and enjoy going to scam artists instead.


There's nothing in my listening history that indicates I want to listen to this piece of garbage scam artist and when your algorithms fail, you should provide users the option to say "listen, Spotify  your bad, but you've got this wrong.  don't ever play this again".



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Hey @narsk,


Unfortunately not, spotify has decided not to offer this feature at the time but they are working hard to improve suggested content. You are free to add your own support to this idea here:


-Brittanee 🙂


In that case I'll be cancelling my account.  Get in touch when it's available.

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