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Broken /shortened tracks

Broken /shortened tracks

I have found 4 tracks on an album that are only 30secs long when they should be over 3mins. I tried to follow the link to report it but I keep going round in circles and never to the actual reporting page... From what I have read on here is it even worth reporting them as they never get resolved?
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First of all, can you provide the link to the Spotify content release here in this thread, so that another user can see if they get the same results? By doing this this helps to rule out possible Spotify app issues on individual devices as well.


When you go here: to report broken songs and/or errors, make sure to select the option that reads "I want to report a broken song or wrong song information" when you do this there will be an article link that will take users to explain the process of reporting broken and/or content errors in layman terms, but if you select the Green Button below that reads I STILL NEED HELP a content input fields option page will load to add the track links that have problems or errors, as well as a explanation box of what the issues are with the songs. Sadly you might have to do this with each track, but you might be OK with providing the Spotify link to the full release, explain that the issue is with a number of tracks from the release and then write in the track names with the issues in the explanation box.



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