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The Nines by The Nines (2011) - where to buy?

The Nines by The Nines (2011) - where to buy?

Hello folks - New to the Spotify community but have been enjoying Spotify as a music source for some time now.  Recently stumbled on The Nines.  This is a great band.  As luck would have it, the album I started listening to (1st track is Sun Don't Shine; self-titled The Nines 2011 as per Spotify) is hard to find outside of Spotify.  I see a good number of their other releases on Amazon, CD Baby etc but I'm particularly interested in this one.  Album cover is black and white and just shows 3 seated band members...1 in the foreground, 2 on a couch to the rear.  If anyone can throw some light on this album and where to get it, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.    

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Would this be what you are looking for here:


I had to search by the song itself, looks to be maybe a released mp3 digital download single maybe? I am not able to find a CD single listed for this song? The wikipedia page of the artist/band was not done very well, with like very little information at all everything not linked to any individual releases and/or very little information on any of Eggers released content.


Anyway I believe that might be the song and cover art you are looking for?

Hi Jay - Thank you for looking.  You are right.  It looks like that 2011 release by The Nines was a digital release only.  After I had posted the question to the Spotify community I found the whole thing as a digital download at CD Baby (not Amazon).  I had been at CD Baby previously and didn't see it.  Maybe because I was only lookng for CDs/albums and hadn't included digital downloads.  It's available in FLAC as well as MP3, so that's good.  The link here should take you to it if you are also interested in them:  


I don't know why it's so hard to find out more about this band.  When you go to their site looks to be in Japanese.  I did just recently find their Facebook page 



After listening to a lot more of their music from various albums on Spotify, have to say this self-titled 2011 release with Sun Don't Shine is probably my favorite of theirs.  Brit9 is pretty good too.  The other stuff sounds way different to me and not as appealing - at least to me.  Thanks again for the help.  Appreciate your time.   

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