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So, before this recent update, there was this option to browse through different artists. Like, "you've listened to X and Y, then you might like Z", where X y and z are different artists (mostly death metal in my case). Now when I go to browse there is three playlists that have absolutely nothing to do with metal, at all. Oh yeah, discover weekly is there, but it's only **bleep**ty music. 


Why did they remove this? That's the main reason why I use Spotify, to discover new metalbands. 

It's frustrating. 

And even if I go through discover > metal, there's still a lot of pure garbage.

And even on discover>new releases, nothing. Just pop, rnb etc.



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The problem is Spotify is a robot that doesn’t recognise the difference between good or bad Metal. It can not make aesthetic choices. 

I'm aware of that, but why remove the function entirely? Could be because I barely listened to any music last week, but shouldn't matter since that's happened before and I could still browse through the discover-tab. 

It's almost not worth using premium because of this 😕 

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