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Bruce Springsteen lyrics

Bruce Springsteen lyrics

Hi, I want to ask you why the Bruce Sprigsteen lyrics still do not appear. They have not been around for a long time and I think it is time for them to solve that problem and have them. I already appreciate that they do it and I think I would not be the only one. Have a great day

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Hey @jonasuy1, thanks for reaching out to the Community!

Lyrics may not be available on some songs. New lyrics are added every day, so you may find them added in the future. There is more information on the lyrics feature here


I hope this helps!

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what an annoying generic answer to such a specific question... this is obviously not about "some songs"... (sorry, i missed the "Note: I'm not a Spotify employee." no offense intended)

It is really ridiculous that the acute problem of lack of song lyrics concerns Bruce Springsteen. Especially since the lyrics of his songs are available in Genius.

The availability of song lyrics on Spotify is determined by the availability of those lyrics within the platform. The platform uses external sources, such as Musixmatch, to provide song lyrics to its users. If you are looking for the lyrics of a specific song and don't find it on Spotify, it may be that the lyrics have not yet been added to the platform by Musixmatch or other sources. In this case, the best thing to do is wait until the lyrics become available on Spotify.


Note that the availability of song lyrics may vary over time, so if you don't find the lyrics of the song you are looking for now, it is possible that they will be available at a future date.

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I'm Master Curator of Musixmatch with dozens of songs synchronized and published on platforms. The above explanation is just a reality according to Musixmatch criteria. I, for example, need to receive the sync notification for the songs you suggest. If you contact Musixmatch or send the lyrics, I or some other curator will sync them.

I'm sorry, I do not mean to be rude, but I asked a very specific question regarding Bruce Springsteen and the generic responses are unsatisfying. By now I'm assuming it's a legal issue and I would like to know, if it's his camp that prohibits using his lyrics.  

It is important to note that, according to copyright law, the authors of a song have the exclusive right to control how their work is used and distributed. This includes not only the melody and lyrics, but also any musical arrangement or recording created from it.

When a song is played on a music app, copyright laws apply to all elements of the song, including the lyrics. This means that even if only a portion of the song is played or shared, the copyright holders still have rights over that specific portion of the song.

It is also important to remember that copyright laws can vary from country to country, and what is allowed in one place may not be allowed in another. Therefore, in some locations, song lyrics may not be available on music apps due to local copyright-related issues.

I hope this has answered your question! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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