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Can I get which IP/devices accessed my account? (do I own my account data?)

Can I get which IP/devices accessed my account? (do I own my account data?)

Is there any way of getting a list of IPs/devices that accessed my account to see if it's really been hacked or if it's a Spotify issue?


Over and over again I see artists in my recently played tab that I definitely didn't play and yes, I did all of below several times, with no change/success.


- Did I change passwords? Yes, several times with a password manager, generating 20+ complex characters passwords.

- Did I do it from a safe device? Yes, even from a newly factory reset phone.

- Did I do it from a safe network? Yes, from my work computer on the company wifi which is behind firewall, 2FA. I also used a router at home that was brand new/just set up.

- Did I disconnect the apps? Yes.

- Did I log out everywhere? Yes.

- Did I use a secure email? Yes, newly created with an encrypted mail provider (protonmail in this case).

- Did I have other social accounts that are still connected? Never did in the first place.


Am I really being targeted by a group that has it as it's highest mission to hack my Spotify account or is it a Spotify bug?

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I know this would maybe help but go to and login by hitting the three lines at top right corner and hit login then hit the person beside the three lines and hit sign out every where and then you would be signed out of everywhere.

thanks, I'll try that (pretty sure I tried it already some months ago, but it can't hurt to try again).

I've got the exact same problem. There's no way to IP's / offline devices and I never get an email telling me the account's been logged in from somewhere else. Spotify security is an actual joke

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