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Can't access Album lists for specific artists

Can't access Album lists for specific artists

Running Monterey  iOS on Macbook and I can no longer simply search for an Artist (e.g., "Joni Mitchell) and get a list of her most popular songs on Spotify with her Album discography right below. Does anyone know how to get back to that functionality? As it is now, what comes up are cover versions of the searched artist, collabs with artist, random live recordings by artist, and Spotify podcasts about the artist or album. Frustrating! The reason I liked Spotify in the past was the quick access to specific songs, specific albums and artists. Now, it seems the app is doing everything possible to hide the original recordings I want to hear. Does anyone have a solution? Is this a bug or the new UI??  (see screen grab below for search result for "Court and Spark," one of Joni's most popular albums . . . 

Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 6.18.03 PM.png
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